Offices standard

Raised floors, antistatic and anti-allergic carpet. Hanging ceiling, integrated lights, HVAC system, fresh air system. 3 meters free height from carpet to hanging ceiling. 500 Lx lighting system.

BREEAM certified

Air conditioning and fresh air

The 4-pipe fan-coil air conditioning system covers all office spaces and enables independent control for areas of 36 sqm or more. This allows optimal working conditions regardless of season or location in the building.

A separate fresh air intake system ensures 30 cubic metres of fresh air are brought in per hour for each permanent employee (based on a 10 sqm per employee layout). The system includes a highly efficient energy programme, allowing you to enjoy natural daylight while correlating this with indoor temperature control and power usage.

Technical specifications

Structure and façade

A flexible layout with six central cores (two in each Phase), creating an open space without walls. Glass fa├žade and exterior glass shading in the South and West sides, for optimised intake of natural light. Balconies at each floor, as well as terraces on the top and third floors.

Building management system and IT

An advanced BMS system, flexible and customisable, will help save energy and reduce costs for tenants. Optical fibre and wireless solutions will also be provided.

Electrical power

Redundant dry power transformers in each Phase. Medium power at optimum cost for tenants.

Individual metering per tenant. A supply of 220 V and 380 V is available on all floors.

Backup is ensured by diesel generators, covering each building's vital functions, as well as an important part of tenants' needs.

Safety and security

The property benefits from 11 escape routes. Water hydrants and fire extinguishers are available on each floor. Exit doors with anti-panic systems are installed. Exit signs and emergency lighting is provided. Fire alarm sensors in all spaces, as well as fire alarm buttons on all floors.

Video surveillance of all access points. Access control system to each tenant space. 24/7 security service. Ground floor with anti-burglar glass.